CCNHS Faculty Association

President:                       Rommel Hero A. Saladino

Vice President:                Mary Jane T. Martin

Secretary:                       Ellen Jane C. Ragasa

Treasurer:                       Emerietta T. Manalili

Auditor:                          Ronald M. Iniego

P.I.O.:                              John D. Gamueda

Business Managers:

                                      Laila C. Bautista

                                      Timotea L. Evangelista


                                      Grade 7: Michelle S. Morales

                                      2nd year: Walter Marcaida

                                      3rd Year: Teresa P. Almayda

                                      4th year: Filma M. Maximo

                                      ESEP: Susana G. Quidasol

                                      SPA: Noralyn P. Aquino

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